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About Us

From tropical island in Indonesia we start the business. It was started with the goal of making products that are good for the environment and tell the story of each piece.

Our style is casual and coastal , but also elegant and classy. Our designs are a mix of traditional and modern styles, with a dash of eclecticism thrown in for good measure. We're drawn to well-traveled interiors that have their own style and feel refined while still being easy to live in.


We think your home should be a place where you can relax, spend time with family and friends, and live well every day.

Indonesia has more than 300 different ethnic groups, and their differences can be seen in the different kinds of art they make. Every ethnic group in the archipelago has its own language or dialect, food, traditional clothes, and traditional homes. They have also made their own textiles, ornaments, carvings, and items for daily use and special occasions. One of Indonesia's best things is its rich cultural heritage of art and handicrafts.

Indonesian art can have designs that come from early animistic beliefs, worship of ancestors, Hindu or Buddhist motifs brought by Indian traders, or symbols and beliefs from China or Islam. Indonesian art has been influenced by other cultures for hundreds of years because of trade with those cultures. People from China, India, the Arab world, and later Europe came to the archipelago to find the unique spices that were grown there. These traders moved in and brought with them a lot of rich art traditions that shaped the art in the area.

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